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Traktor 3.4 Full, Rapidshare - Descarga directa.

Bueno, pues ya tenemos en nuestras manos la version completa de Traktor 3.4 en descarga directa,por desgracia solo en su version de Windows, por lo menos nos servira para probar sus nuevas funciones a los que usamos Mac.


Caracteristicas completas:

* Unicode character support displays file names and tags in any script and language (including Japanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Cyrillic etc.)

* "Tracking Alert" feature gives advance warning about adverse tracking conditions (e.g. dust buildup)

* Improved tracking precision when scratching in relative mode

* Various Drag & Drop improvements including "Transparent Deck Duplicate"

* Hotplugging for audio devices (Core Audio and DirectSound)

* Instant audio device switching

* Automatic device aggregation via DirectSound to use more than 2 channels

* WASAPI support under Windows Vista

* Hotplugging for MIDI devices

* Support for Virtual MIDI ports on Mac OS X

* Additional Jog Wheel mode for Denon CD players